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The Twelve Blogs of Christmas

25th December, Blog #1

Twelve blogs, twelve days

I’ve got a backlog of half-formed blog posts (backblog?) that have been hanging around, like bad smells, for a while. I’ve decided to get them all done and out over Christmas. I’m cheating by imposing the following restrictions:

  • This is the first blog and counts as a blog post even though it’s a meta-post
  • I reserve the right to post days, or even weeks, late. I’m in Sark for some of Christmas and I will be burned alive in a wicker man if I’m seen using a laptop
  • I reserve the right to post nonsense due to Christmas-related alcohol abuse
  • I reserve the right to blame alcohol for nonsense I’ve posted while sober
  • I have about eight posts lined up, most of which are nonsense
  • The remaining three posts are TBC and are guaranteed to be nonsense
  • I reserve the right to edit/delete all blogs at a later date once I realise how nonsensical they are

Random asides

I’ve noticed the vast majority of my traffic is from the USA. As part of my single-handed mission to bring back UK Garage, and further its influence in the world, I will be linking to some of the UKG greats at the end of each blog post.

Bo selecta!

Let the blogging commence!


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  6. PaaSaaP and the Distro Wars
  7. Multi-Site Cloud Foundry
  8. Mutable State
  9. Service Foundry
  10. The Problems With PaaS
  11. How I Build Stuff
  12. The CloudCredo Way