Opinions on building platforms

The Future of BOSH

I love BOSH. I have many conversations with people about where BOSH is going so I thought it a good idea to capture my thinking in a post. This post.

Two Options

  1. BOSH deploys and manages all the things. It’s the best distributed-system-system I’ve ever used.

  2. BOSH should be the deployer of Diego and other container schedulers.

    • Diego et al deploy and manage all the things.
    • Diego becomes something like Service Foundry.
    • The world is a better place because non-12-Factor-app developers have a contract to develop to, and the fast-feedback of container-driven deployments.

I currently favour option 2 but reserve the right to change my mind as I learn over time. Previous attempts to build multi-purpose stateful/stateless PaaSs haven’t gone amazingly well. If you’re building a stateful service right now, build it for BOSH, not Diego.

What Next?

We’ll be exploring the cool new future of Diego in a LoPUG hack day and looking at ideas like a Diego CPI for BOSH, persistent disks, and TCP networking in PaaS. Join us to find out more.