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The Heterogeneous Workforce

27th December, Blog #3

The Heterogeneous Workforce

I enjoy regularly visiting and speaking at tech conferences. They’re a great way to stay abreast of trends and keep a fresh perspective on how the industry is delivering value. Unfortunately I’m usually dismayed at the homogeneous composition of the conference attendees; the overwhelming majority are white males, like myself.

As a company CEO I see this as a tremendous waste. The key role I play in the company is the recruitment and retention of the members of our great team. Enlarging the pool of resource I can draw from will only increase the quality of the team, the diversity of opinions, and create a balanced working environment. I’m not trying to get on my moral high horse; I want a better team so I can make more money.

If you’re interested in PaaS, distributed systems, and Extreme Programming, please do contact CloudCredo – especially if you don’t ‘fit the mould’. We’re looking for fast learners and good communicators. I’d love to think there’s a pool of untapped skills out there I can use to help build our team. I can’t promise to run the perfect company, but I can promise to try.

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